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Such should not be stunted by the desires of directors and some stockholders of Public Bank. This Court has sole jurisdiction over the receivership and may terminate it at any time. Singer v. Goff, 334 Mich. 163, 54 N.W.2d 290; Brandimore v. Dickens, 256 Mich. 128, 239 N.W. As this Court has continuous jurisdiction and authority over the receivership, it was this Court’s decision to listen to all parties in order to determine whether the receivership should be continued, altered, terminated or replaced. It is the considered opinion of the Court that by having placed before the bar all relevant facts and all reasons for objection, the fairest and most just determination should result. To concur with an effort to put blinders on the Court, to consent at this stage to only view certain limited facts and to be bound to entertain only certain procedural issues, would create a stifled obtuse reflection and not substantial justice.
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On October 6th, pursuant to the Commissioner’s call, Public submitted such a report as of the close of business on September 20, 1966. All other banks in Detroit by that time had published their statements of condition and the fact that Public had not yet published its statement was a subject of comment in the financial community. 81.) From August 26th until October 11, 1966, Public borrowed daily from the Detroit branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the net borrowings increasing over this period of time from $1 million to $9,500,000.00 which was owed as of October 11, 1966. During this period of time Public at times would make repayments of such borrowings and then have the need to borrow again. The borrowing was required to meet Public’s liquidity requirements including the withdrawal of deposits heretofore reflected during the months of August, September and October, 1966.

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The Judge was selected by lot; the Judge was selected prior to the commencement of the action but such was necessary for time arrangements and did not prevent all parties from having a fair and impartial hearing. In short, the selection of the Judge prior to the commencement of the action was not inconsistent with substantial justice. The action of the Court should not be considered void for such cause. 134.) No pre-trial hearing as such has been held in this matter. Several hearings were conducted by the Court setting forth “ground rules” to be followed at the show cause hearing. This question was first raised partially through the show cause hearing. The Court numerous times specifically stated it would permit any adjournment necessary to obtain discovery information or to review evidence received. This Court permitted all discovery sought within the rules of evidence. No notice was submitted to any officer, director or representative of Public.

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However, at that time this cause was removed to the Federal Court and thereafter interlocutory appeals were pursued. In conclusion, Judge Burdick was not mandatorily disqualified because his son-in-law was a member of the firm selected as co-counsel for the receiver. The receiver is not a party nor is his son-in-law “any of the attorneys or counselors” for the receiver. The loans from Commonwealth fail to denote sufficient interest to require disqualification. At the outset, in view of this Court’s independent ratification, confirmation and approval of the conclusions and orders entered by Judge Burdick on October 12th, based upon a full record, this issue is moot.

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There are two basic tests often commonly employed to determine the existence of “insolvency”. The “balance sheet” or “bankruptcy” test provides that “insolvency” exists when the liabilities of a bank exceed the fair market value of the assets. The second test is the “chancery test”, when a bank is unable to meet the demands of its depositors in the ordinary course of its business. Under such circumstance it is then considered “insolvent.” ISSUE NO. VThe next issue raises the question of due process. It is clear that on the evening of October 11th and the morning of October 12th, 1966, no prior notice of the hearing was given to any official or representative or shareholder of Public Bank. During the course of such hearings no official or representative or shareholder of Public Bank was in attendance nor did the Court hear any testimony, evidence or argument during the course of such hearings from representatives of Public. In view of the lack of notice and the lack of opportunity to be present and heard, some respondents strongly assert that such constituted a wrongful deprivation of their property rights without due process of law. The matter of this receivership is one of great interest to the public as well as to financial circles. The depositors, all the stockholders, the creditors and the community are entitled to a full consideration of factual and legal issues.

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Carpenter v. Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co. (Cal.1937) 10 Cal. 2d 307; 74 P.2d 761, aff’d 305 U.S. 297, 59 S. Originally this issue was presented to Judge Nathan Kaufman of this Judicial Circuit for determination. Judge Kaufman in view of Judge Burdick’s request to the Presiding Judge to have the case reassigned, first determined that there was no issue before him. Later he denied a motion requesting that he make a definitive determination whether Judge Burdick was or was not disqualified. All parties that appeared during the April 6 hearing, requested that this Court make a determination with respect to this issue for purpose of Appellate review, if desired. It is most significant that the economic terms of the receiver’s Installment Loans Iron River Michigan sale agreement were better for Public than the bargaining Public was able to strike for itself September 1, 1966. The willingness of the FDIC to guarantee $10,000,000.00 against loss to Commonwealth due to its grave concern over the effect of a bank failure, reflects its conviction of the propriety of the sale. Section 125 of the MFIA clearly singles out this state’s recognition of the FDIC as a most appropriate receiver of a state chartered insured bank. Such recognition was statutorily extended irrespective of the known direct interests, powers and general duties in the bank regulatory field. Relating to any bank insolvency, it would be impossible to have the FDIC completely disinterested in view of its responsibilities.

These persons were aware that Agreement B contemplated an involuntary receivership with an immediate takeover of Public as a going concern without any break in the performing of banking business. Relief was expressed by Public’s President that in either event, the consolidation under Agreement A or Agreement B, Public’s depositors would be fully protected. 94.) Commonwealth and Public negotiated an acquisition agreement first in preliminary form on August 29, 1966 and then in formal fashion dated September 1, 1966. 93.) In response to the FDIC officials suggestions and offers of assistance, Commonwealth officials promptly commenced negotiations with Public officials for the purchase of Public during the last few days of August, 1966. Commonwealth engaged the accounting firm of Touche, Ross, Bailey & Smart to conduct an examination of Public over the weekend of August 26, 1966, the results of which were reported to Commonwealth the following Sunday and Monday. Such initial report formed a basis for negotiations with Public as well as Commonwealth’s demands for a guarantee and other FDIC assistance. Such report also was considered by FD IC in setting the limits of assistance. 62.) Prior to October 11, 1966, the directors of Public never gave notice to its shareholders of the 8 citation received from FDIC. Of approximately 13,500 banks insured by the FDIC in 1966, only two or three 8 citations were issued during that year.

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